Monday, September 6, 2010

Random thoughts, just thrown together

Yes, I changed the background. Much more easier to read now.

I am "spamming" you with this. I like Tecla's blog, she writes about music and how she as a person and not a journalist (even though it sometimes slip through). I wish that more people would be able to read her blog. Now, if you like her blog PLEASE vote for it.. (she already owns me big time for promoting it..)

Go Texx :P

Yes, I might be a sucker for some pop, but hey I like it. So this coming Monday (13th of September) the NEW Jax Panik will be available. And this time I am nice, here's the video:

There's a proper blog post that will be written later today. But for now, enjoy the randomness

Thursday, September 2, 2010

One day we'll go far away..

I like travelling. As a small kid we used to leave home at 3 in the morning to go on holiday to the sea. Just like the other real vaalies (I was one ok), and as my gran would recall I loved the sea and not the sand. I still love the sea and not the sand.

So every year until I moved down to durban we went on holiday. This stopped for a while, people living near the coast are not huge travellers. I still have friends who has never left kzn and I still can't wrap my head around that. It's abnormal, well that's what I think. Come on people live a little.

I think there's small signs that the travel bug has bitten. When sunday lunches with the family becomes once a month, trips to the beach aren't good enough anymore, when small road trips occur (3-4 hours) and frequently pop up.

Spending quite a lot of time in the car isn't something new, except getting irritated with the same 5 faces that you see almost everyday and now have to spend time in the car with. Driving from a small place called Marloth Park (30km from Mozambique and 50km from Swaziland) to the Kgalagadi with family isn't really recommended. -Blame it on the grumpy people. -

One trip I kind of regret not doing was the Botswana, Zambia and Namibia. Oh well lessons learned. I recommend taking 2 phones and an iPod with maybe a book. Good music is always needed if you and the people you're travelling with aren't listening to the same music.

Talking about music: tune into Jon $avage's show tonight at 10pm to 12am. He's playing some mutemath, vampire weekend, INXS, blood red shoes, something VERY SPECIAL and will have ASH in studio. To keep in contact with him: facebook under the Jon Savage fan page and on twitter:

And another legend, who has one epidsode on youtube ( There are rumours that episode will be appearing tomorrow. He also has a twitter page: now go follow him.

Forgive me for no links, I'm writing this on my phone.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Even the moon has a dark side..

Four bands that i've been introduced to by @Stormin_ (Thank you :)). 4 bands that I have to share with you guys. Go check them out if you can. And hopefully your ears will also be smiling.

Dead Letter Circus. "New" music (for me) that started it all, and they do have stuff on youtube and myspace, really worth checking them out.
Fighting with Wire. I was told to go listen to the album Man vs Monster. You'd find that on lastfm. But they also have a myspace page. I want!!!
The Classic Crime. I'm impressed, even if wikipedia classifies them as 'emo'. They're also found on myspace.
Pretty girls make graves. Go take a listen on myspace, their first song might be confusing but keep on listening.

I'm not sure how I'll repay @Stormin_, hopefully I can.

And in other news...

30 Seconds to Mars is 'gracing' our shores in November. I personally won't go see them live, only if I have free tickets, means to get to CT or JHB and have nothing to do. (ok, ok my holiday starts in November). i'm not suree who would go see them live and why the even would consider them.

I, personally like 2 songs from the album "beautiful Lie' and that's about it. One of my brothers decided to get me 'This is War' but it's unopened and packed away in a box 800km from me. So if you want to go see them live, do it but I won't be interested to know what happened.


Seeing that I used he word emo triggers millions of things in my head. We all have/did something that we are not the proudest of.

This week is my 8th month without cutting. This is always hard to write/admit to, urges comes flooding back. But this is not the longest I have gone without it. (1 year & 4 months for those who are curious). I am not proud of myself.

Each and everyone has triggers. I can't watch someone cutting or if someone talks about it and a few other things. And no, I wasn't emo then or now. It really is like a drug addiction. People forget that it exist though. Or it's associated with emo 'kids'. Cutting can kill. Just like any other addiction/disorder that kills, so can cutting.

I do fight this battle on my own. I have to because I started with it in the first place. I might do something to distract myself after writing this, not cutting though. Just to keep me on the rails.

Watch out what you say and what you think. Don't presume or go 'ag shame'. We don't want that kind of sympathy, but be careful, be wise, it's the small things. And DON'T JUDGE!!
Please smile. Don't Panic.

($avage if you're reading this: IT'S WAR. hahahaha)

Monday, August 23, 2010

There's a need to breathe...

The strangest, not really strange, SA musician I have become 'attached' to is Jax Panik. (No, it's not because I comment on almost every facebook status update.) Sure Ii can listen to the commercial stuff on radio, but I won't go buy their CD's, like I bought Panik's. I just like their work.

No one was sure how the 2nd album was going to sound like, we, as fans poked around to find out what we can on how the album was going to sound like. Luck was finally on our side and we got to hear the single. It was called 'Get up (if you're hot)' and to our surprise we knew the lyrics to this song. Why? Because Jax was struggling with this song's lyrics and asked us for help.

(I'm lazy so i'll just give you a link
The music video reminds me of bubblegum, the song and yes even the colours scream bubblegum.
I like

Also go check out the following. You might have heard of Disco Dave well now go check
it out. Ask Tecla, her life was changed.


Trevor Noah has been on everyone's lips these last few weeks. Everyone seems to hate him by now. Trevor, dude, bombarding yourself onto EVERY projects you can get your hands on is to much projects you can get your hands on is to much and the public will get fed up with you. Like they did.

On a bit of a darker note...

I opened some online newspaper this morning and all I see is: Gran, four kids hacked to
death. Sure I like watching Dexter but those people are actors. This is real life. Those kind of news headlines still get me even though they are not new. How many other have passed away just as gruesomely that we don't know about? No one deserves to die like that.

Every day after the domestic worker has left, we set the alarm. Ever night you wish that it was just a cat that jumped onto the roof. I don't want to wake up at 1 am because the alarm went off.

This is Africa, sometimes I forget about it. But I know there's people that care even if only a few.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


It is/was thursday...

Compared to the rest this has been a great one.. Weather wise I should've stayed in bed, but I can't do that.

Thursday nights are usually a 'highlight'. I get to tweet about the music on the radio and @/facebook the host quite a lot. He might think I am a stalker if he wasn't hosting the show. Those crazy people might be @texxonfire, @yaghyah and whoever wants to make life difficult for Jon $avage @cassetteband. It took Tecla and myself time to get a nickname for $avage and decided to make him a bit gangster and well 'Savage-y'

So far so good $avage and congrats on your 20th show. We've enjoyed each and everyone of them except when 5fm decided to do the world cup opening concert thing. And so far I have heard great music and crap music.


My thoughts on the strikes that have been happening all around us. It is quite kind of scary on the one hand and ridiculous on the other.

Teachers are suppose to lead by example, well thank you for raising a bunch of strikers that one day only want more for doing sometimes absolutely nothing. Hey you did it and you'll feel it in your old age.

Now one thing that really peeved me off is the nurses/doctor strike. People are not getting the care they need. Don't you people have a conscious or something? You want more money but you'll deny people to get their care? It's disgusting. There's all those what if's and if this happens to your family what will you think??

Thanks to @Stormin_ for making me listen to Dead Letter Circus

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thursday is in the air... I can taste it

I don't like thursdays.

I can really feel it sneaking up on me at about 8 at night. Knowing that I only have a few sane hours left before it's full blown thursdays. But I'll talk about it on a real thursday (and no, I won't take your hand and walk you through my day).

It's been a silent week, I haven't listened to music properly since monday. Having background 'noise' isn't the same. Each and everyone reading this have their musical kryptonite. That one song or artist that makes the world stop spinning for a few seconds. I personally haven't met a person who hasn't been influenced by music. I do find it strange, just like in society there has to be abnormalities, those people who can't stand music. I am yet to find this person and I will blog about him/her.


Anger, so much anger. Not my own (which there is in here, but not now) but those around me. It's like we make it our own little project: how angry can we be seen, what can I be angry about, who will feel my wrath today. I have to learn from what I'm writing here (just remind me). Why are we so angry? Do we forget that for every action there is a reaction? I am not trying to preach, but we seem to forget how to breathe.. We are little angry human beings walking around some ready to explode any moment and just thinking of that can be quite scary.

Inhale AND exhale.

Now for those "please read' labels. This blog is literally in its early stages and I still have to figure out a lot of thing (not only blog wise). So excuse if this doesn't really gel together, eventually I'll get it right..

Dexter: No blood. No sticky, hot, messy, awful blood; no blood at all.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It won't be a sleepless night...

I have a love hate relationship with blogs. I myself love reading them but I do have a problem with writing them sometimes.

Some of you might have liked the previous blog, sure I'll keep it in a similar tone but I'll try and lighten it up. To those who haven't read any of the previous blog entries, welcome. I hope to carry on this blog for quite a while, who knows this might just be the start of things. You might get strange quotes on these pages to follow, not only musically inspired, but also by real life and other fictional/non-fictional people. Also, I can't make any promises of what you'll read in this blog.

As it is late i think I'll try and catch some sleep ( if I don't there'll be a blog post later.)

Vrede. (It's vrede month)