Monday, August 23, 2010

There's a need to breathe...

The strangest, not really strange, SA musician I have become 'attached' to is Jax Panik. (No, it's not because I comment on almost every facebook status update.) Sure Ii can listen to the commercial stuff on radio, but I won't go buy their CD's, like I bought Panik's. I just like their work.

No one was sure how the 2nd album was going to sound like, we, as fans poked around to find out what we can on how the album was going to sound like. Luck was finally on our side and we got to hear the single. It was called 'Get up (if you're hot)' and to our surprise we knew the lyrics to this song. Why? Because Jax was struggling with this song's lyrics and asked us for help.

(I'm lazy so i'll just give you a link
The music video reminds me of bubblegum, the song and yes even the colours scream bubblegum.
I like

Also go check out the following. You might have heard of Disco Dave well now go check
it out. Ask Tecla, her life was changed.


Trevor Noah has been on everyone's lips these last few weeks. Everyone seems to hate him by now. Trevor, dude, bombarding yourself onto EVERY projects you can get your hands on is to much projects you can get your hands on is to much and the public will get fed up with you. Like they did.

On a bit of a darker note...

I opened some online newspaper this morning and all I see is: Gran, four kids hacked to
death. Sure I like watching Dexter but those people are actors. This is real life. Those kind of news headlines still get me even though they are not new. How many other have passed away just as gruesomely that we don't know about? No one deserves to die like that.

Every day after the domestic worker has left, we set the alarm. Ever night you wish that it was just a cat that jumped onto the roof. I don't want to wake up at 1 am because the alarm went off.

This is Africa, sometimes I forget about it. But I know there's people that care even if only a few.

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