Thursday, August 19, 2010


It is/was thursday...

Compared to the rest this has been a great one.. Weather wise I should've stayed in bed, but I can't do that.

Thursday nights are usually a 'highlight'. I get to tweet about the music on the radio and @/facebook the host quite a lot. He might think I am a stalker if he wasn't hosting the show. Those crazy people might be @texxonfire, @yaghyah and whoever wants to make life difficult for Jon $avage @cassetteband. It took Tecla and myself time to get a nickname for $avage and decided to make him a bit gangster and well 'Savage-y'

So far so good $avage and congrats on your 20th show. We've enjoyed each and everyone of them except when 5fm decided to do the world cup opening concert thing. And so far I have heard great music and crap music.


My thoughts on the strikes that have been happening all around us. It is quite kind of scary on the one hand and ridiculous on the other.

Teachers are suppose to lead by example, well thank you for raising a bunch of strikers that one day only want more for doing sometimes absolutely nothing. Hey you did it and you'll feel it in your old age.

Now one thing that really peeved me off is the nurses/doctor strike. People are not getting the care they need. Don't you people have a conscious or something? You want more money but you'll deny people to get their care? It's disgusting. There's all those what if's and if this happens to your family what will you think??

Thanks to @Stormin_ for making me listen to Dead Letter Circus

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