Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It won't be a sleepless night...

I have a love hate relationship with blogs. I myself love reading them but I do have a problem with writing them sometimes.

Some of you might have liked the previous blog, sure I'll keep it in a similar tone but I'll try and lighten it up. To those who haven't read any of the previous blog entries, welcome. I hope to carry on this blog for quite a while, who knows this might just be the start of things. You might get strange quotes on these pages to follow, not only musically inspired, but also by real life and other fictional/non-fictional people. Also, I can't make any promises of what you'll read in this blog.

As it is late i think I'll try and catch some sleep ( if I don't there'll be a blog post later.)

Vrede. (It's vrede month)

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