Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thursday is in the air... I can taste it

I don't like thursdays.

I can really feel it sneaking up on me at about 8 at night. Knowing that I only have a few sane hours left before it's full blown thursdays. But I'll talk about it on a real thursday (and no, I won't take your hand and walk you through my day).

It's been a silent week, I haven't listened to music properly since monday. Having background 'noise' isn't the same. Each and everyone reading this have their musical kryptonite. That one song or artist that makes the world stop spinning for a few seconds. I personally haven't met a person who hasn't been influenced by music. I do find it strange, just like in society there has to be abnormalities, those people who can't stand music. I am yet to find this person and I will blog about him/her.


Anger, so much anger. Not my own (which there is in here, but not now) but those around me. It's like we make it our own little project: how angry can we be seen, what can I be angry about, who will feel my wrath today. I have to learn from what I'm writing here (just remind me). Why are we so angry? Do we forget that for every action there is a reaction? I am not trying to preach, but we seem to forget how to breathe.. We are little angry human beings walking around some ready to explode any moment and just thinking of that can be quite scary.

Inhale AND exhale.

Now for those "please read' labels. This blog is literally in its early stages and I still have to figure out a lot of thing (not only blog wise). So excuse if this doesn't really gel together, eventually I'll get it right..

Dexter: No blood. No sticky, hot, messy, awful blood; no blood at all.

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