Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Even the moon has a dark side..

Four bands that i've been introduced to by @Stormin_ (Thank you :)). 4 bands that I have to share with you guys. Go check them out if you can. And hopefully your ears will also be smiling.

Dead Letter Circus. "New" music (for me) that started it all, and they do have stuff on youtube and myspace, really worth checking them out.
Fighting with Wire. I was told to go listen to the album Man vs Monster. You'd find that on lastfm. But they also have a myspace page. I want!!!
The Classic Crime. I'm impressed, even if wikipedia classifies them as 'emo'. They're also found on myspace.
Pretty girls make graves. Go take a listen on myspace, their first song might be confusing but keep on listening.

I'm not sure how I'll repay @Stormin_, hopefully I can.

And in other news...

30 Seconds to Mars is 'gracing' our shores in November. I personally won't go see them live, only if I have free tickets, means to get to CT or JHB and have nothing to do. (ok, ok my holiday starts in November). i'm not suree who would go see them live and why the even would consider them.

I, personally like 2 songs from the album "beautiful Lie' and that's about it. One of my brothers decided to get me 'This is War' but it's unopened and packed away in a box 800km from me. So if you want to go see them live, do it but I won't be interested to know what happened.


Seeing that I used he word emo triggers millions of things in my head. We all have/did something that we are not the proudest of.

This week is my 8th month without cutting. This is always hard to write/admit to, urges comes flooding back. But this is not the longest I have gone without it. (1 year & 4 months for those who are curious). I am not proud of myself.

Each and everyone has triggers. I can't watch someone cutting or if someone talks about it and a few other things. And no, I wasn't emo then or now. It really is like a drug addiction. People forget that it exist though. Or it's associated with emo 'kids'. Cutting can kill. Just like any other addiction/disorder that kills, so can cutting.

I do fight this battle on my own. I have to because I started with it in the first place. I might do something to distract myself after writing this, not cutting though. Just to keep me on the rails.

Watch out what you say and what you think. Don't presume or go 'ag shame'. We don't want that kind of sympathy, but be careful, be wise, it's the small things. And DON'T JUDGE!!
Please smile. Don't Panic.

($avage if you're reading this: IT'S WAR. hahahaha)

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